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Grünwachs “N”

Special paraffin used to protect rooted cuttings ready for planting in nurseries.


  • Grünwachs “N” is a special paraffin recommended for cold and less-sunny areas.
  • Melting point: 70-75°C.
  • Grünwachs “N” , thanks to its molecular composition, eliminates cracking and/or dripping when there are particular variations in the climate.
  • Thanks to its soft elasticity, it is recommended for use also for freezing.
  • Grünwachs “N” is supplied in the form of dark green pellets, for easy use.

Method of use

Grünwachs “N” is melted in suitable electric baine-marie vats, equipped with special stirrer. The rooted cuttings are dipped in the paraffin at a recommended temperature of 85°C. The dipping process must be performed quickly, making sure that the individual cuttings are kept well apart. It is very important that the stirrer is in operation during the dipping process. To cool down the shoot and to make the paraffin solidify, the cuttings should then be immersed in water.


1.7-2.0 kg of Grünwachs “N” paraffin should be used for every 1000 cuttings.


Grünwachs “N” is supplied in 20 kg bags.

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