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The grafted cuttings production

The grafted cuttings production
The grafted cuttings production

The grafted cuttings are produced using modern techniques and top quality products, such as special vine grafting paraffins, has led to a further improvement in the product.
The result is a healthy, strong and resistant material that has the ability to adapt to various environmental and soil conditions, also thanks to a direct collaboration with Italian and foreign Experimental Viticultural Institutes.

The rooted cuttings, which are ready for being planted in the vineyards, have a strong and ramified root system, sound grafting point and well-developed shoot.

Accurate preservation of the material in environments with controlled-temperatures keeps the vegetative energy in tact up to its delivery for planting in the vineyard.

The grafted cuttings production

An important and feasible collaboration with the prestigious GEISENHEIM (D) Institute of Viticulture has allowed Azienda Vivai Truant to produce PREBASE rootstock material for the preparation of the BASE material for the German market.


Azienda Vivai Truant meets the national and international viticultural demands and it is able to supply material that is most suited to the existing climatic and environmental conditions.

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