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Rebwachs SF Rot

Paraffin for vine grafting, with specific growth promoting substances. Composition: 0.0035% 2.5-dichlorobenzoic acid.


  • Guarantees the protection of the graft thanks to an impeccable coating of the surface where it enhances its create elasticity with minimum tack.
  • Allows preservation of the grafted material for long periods before forcing.
  • The promoting phytohormone contained in Rebwachs SF ROT, paraffin reduces forcing times, therefore ensuring sound joint sealing and rapid healing.
  • Melting point: 64-68°C.
  • The product is free of unpleasant disinfecting substances and it can be used with any wax melting equipment.
  • Rebwachs SF ROT is supplied in the form of red pellets for easy use.

Method of use

Rebwachs SF ROT is melted in suitable electric bain-marie vats. The cutting grafts are dipped in the paraffin at a recommended temperature of 82°C. The dipping operation must be performed quickly and trying to keep the individual cuttings well apart.
To cool down the shoot and to make the paraffin solidify, the cuttings should then be immersed in water.


A very limited amount, i.e. 0.7-1.0 kg of Rebwachs SF ROT paraffin should be used for every 1000 cuttings.


Rebwachs SF ROT is supplied in 10 kg plastic buckets or 20 kg bags.

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